New Jaguar XJ 2016

   New  Jaguar XJ 2016

Today officially announced Jaguar for its new X-Jay XJ model of the new 2016 after he got several updates both on the exterior design or its internal technology level and so far, Jaguar has not officially announced the planned arrival of the car to the dealer in the Middle East.

Jaguar XJ 2016

It is worth mentioning Jaguar has revealed during the first half of the year 2015 for some new models. In the beginning of the month of June was announced the car Jaguar XE 2016 and in the month of April has been detected Jaguar XF car new in 2016.

Interface Jaguar XJ 2016

Jaguar XJ Jaguar XJ Jay updates 2016:
The most prominent updates obtained by the new car was in the form clamp the front and which has become a larger and a more design professional in addition to enlarge the size of the ventilation holes in the bottom of the front bumper either headlights have become technology Walid was amended design and also Alastabat background as well, either Vsttuar tires in size from 20 inches were modify the design of the fuel exhaust vents.

Side Jaguar XJ 2016

The income Vsttuar new car Bashastein size of 10 inches as a kind of entertainment for the rear seats, and I've got the front seats on the renovation in blankets and became an elegant appearance, in addition to the steering wheel with a sporty look and some vaccinations middle Kosnol of natural wood.

Interior Jaguar XJ 2016
Specification Jaguar XJ Jay engine Jaguar XJ 2016:
Did not get the car on any updates in the engine specifications and will be available in the same old engine specifications, the first version of the engine 3.0-liter number 6 Cylinder and strongly 340 hp and spinning 332-pound torque - feet, I am the second version of the engine are 5.0 liter number 8 Cylinder and strongly 550 hp and 502 lb-rotation torque - feet.
Jaguar XJ 2016 seats

Jay Jaguar XJ Jaguar XJ 2016 Rates:
Despite the lack of official announcement of new car prices, but the price is expected that the new model starts from 340,000 SAR and even 580,000 Saudi riyals, and the car is supposed to begin officially availability in some European countries starting from next September.